Acnecare set

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Our comprehensive set provides the solution to some of your biggest skin concerns, such as fine lines, no more pimples or acne, clear skin with a beautiful appearance, dark circles and fatigue around the eyes.

How to use:

Step 1 Clay mask: Deep cleansing, exfoliating. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to stop acne.

Step 2 eye cream: ensures fine lines, no dark circles and no bags under the eye.

Step 3 serum: Refreshes and hydrates the skin, regulates the skin's oil balance and reduces redness.

Step 4 essence repairing cream: A second layer of skin barrier repair to reduce the time it takes to heal acne and prevent acne blemishes.

Step 5 herbal acne cream: removes acne and acne scars, provides calm skin and provides a beautiful appearance.

You will experience the benefits of our products after the 1st use, such as hydrated and radiant skin.

For specific results, such as reducing fine lines or improving skin texture, clear skin without acne or scars, it usually takes 1-3 weeks.

The exact time may vary depending on your skin.


Natural ingredients

I'm already starting to see results within the 1st week, already super satisfied.
I find joypretty products very pleasant to use and they are not complicated.
As a boy I can tell that it also works for boys